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Entertainement Service

EventMaster can provide the following Entertainment services

Ticketing Modes

Eventmaster takes away the effort of ticketing and allows you to concentrate on the event. With EventMaster, tickets for your event can be sold through online, box-office as well as the traditional ‘on the door of the event’ mode.

  • The online mode presents all the flexibility of any e-commerce site allowing your event to sell tickets all day every day. Typically the information collected here will include the users email and other relevant detail as requested by the event organizer.
  • The box-office mode can be operated from anywhere by your event representatives (with correct username and password log-ins to the system) again giving you great flexibility. Your box –office may now be selling tickets in multiple venues all at once e.g. from promotional stands at exhibitions to shopping center promotion space. Your box-office can be wherever you want it to be. Detail collected here can be different to online transactions as requested by the event organizer.
  • The traditional doors open facility allows you the speed to process customers when speed of transactions is important. For speed of transactions no personal detail is collected using this selling mode.
  • All modes work together allowing for live information feeds and meaningful reporting to event organizers.

Virtual Seating

Part of the suite of tools that each event can avail of is the virtual seating functionality.

  • With this option a customized floor plan of your venue is created and each seat is given a unique address within this floor plan.
  • This then allows your customer to select the actual seat they prefer at the point of booking.
  • For the event organizer a premium can be added to particular seats or discounts offered to other seats.
  • This can be changed for each event within the same venue.

Payment Gateways

A choice of payment gateways can be offered for each event.

  • A merchant bank account can be used if the customer has this set-up or alternatively if the customer simply has a bank account the funds from each ticket sale can be passed to this bank account from each online sale.
  • A venue can change the payment gateway for each event allowing great flexibility from one event to the next within the same venue.


Reporting is a critical part of any good system. With the EventMaster system the reporting tool is developed in line with specific customer requirements.

Other functionality

  • Price tranches – This functionality allows the event organizer the ability to sell a defined number of tickets at one price , then after a defined number of tickets have been sold , or a pre-defined date has been reached the ticket sale price goes to another tranch. E.g. if an event had 300 tickets, an event organizer might sell the first 100 tickets at €40, the next 100 tickets at €50 and the remaining 100 tickets at €60.
  • Discounts – allowing an event organizer to give a defined group a discount with pre-defined benefits. E.g. 10% reduction from a standard ticket price. This discount can remain active throughout the sale of the event, or for a defined period only or for a defined number of sales – e.g. the first 20 customers to use the code can avail of the benefit.
  • Privilege modes – as different users are set-up within the system the level of privileges for both what they can see and what they can do can be customized to specific profiles. A log is generated for every transaction and this can be directly traced back to the user logged in to that session.
  • Logs – giving full traceability. E.g. in the case of emails sent to customers it is easy to see what emails have been received or not received.


The ability to communicate quickly and effectively with your customer base is critical. Within the EventMaster system customers details can be matched directly with events they have purchased tickets in the past, therefore making it easy to target a specific customer group with a customized email. E.g. if an event organizer is running a children’s show, they can quickly sort all previous customers that made similar purchases within a defined period – (e.g. the last 18 months) and an email can be sent to this group. Each mail can be personalized and open with a Dear Mary, Dear John etc.

Ticketing delivery options

EventMaster recognizes that a number of ticketing options are required to meet the wide variety of customer requirements.

  • Tickets can be delivered by email – with this method as a customer makes a purchase the ticket(s) are emailed to their email address (as with RyanAir). The customer then prints off their bar-coded security coded ticket and brings this to the event.
  • Collected at event venue on the evening of a show.
  • Post (outside 7 days)
  • Collect at box-office
  • Buy at the door

Ticket security

Security is critical to ensure that only customers that purchased tickets can access the venue. Security can be broken into 2 key areas – physical and system security.

Physical security: A range of physical security features that are available for a ticket including:

  • Hologram
  • Foil strip
  • Batch numbering
  • Name printed on ticket
  • rf tagging

System Security: In conjunction with these physical security features each ticket also benefits from an internal security database enabled barcode reader which identifies each ticket as valid or non-valid. In the case where a ticket is a one use only (e.g. access to a theatre, concert etc) where a ticket is presented a second time or more this is identified and the ticket is not processed as valid. Tickets can also be multi access e.g. to a series of venues for a festival.

Ticket Format

Tickets can be created in a variety of formats including but not limited to:

  • e-ticket (sent by email and printed by customer)
  • Thermal ticket (1 time access)
  • Wrist band (typical for festivals or multi access)
  • 2-part ticket with stub and receipt. (1 time access)


Applications for the EventMaster system are many. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Access to venues / stadiums
  • Theater
  • Concerts
  • Conventions
  • Festivals
  • Fashion Shows
  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Children’s camps
  • Registration for sporting events – triathlons / marathons / walks etc
  • And many more